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If a refund is approved, we will refund your money, in most cases, within 48 hours after your package has been processed. How much it will take for you to receive your refund differs with the payment method you chose.


If you are a registered PayPal member, your refund has been completed instantly. You may check your PayPal account for more information regarding the refund.If you are an unregistered PayPal user, it will take 7-45 days for PayPal to process your refund and return the money to your credit card account.

Western Union

For customer who used Western Union, we suggest you use PayPal to receive your refund for the following two reasons, 1) to avoid processing fees; 2) to get your refund quickly. If you choose Western Union to receive your refund , you need to provide us with necessary information and then go to a bank in your home country which supports Western Union to receive your refund by the details we offer.